How the Post-Season Ban Affects Our Freshman Year


A collective cry emanated from Syracuse on Wednesday evening as the news broke that the university had decided to self impose a postseason ban on its basketball team amidst an NCAA investigation over incidents stemming back to 2007. The consequences were simple: No ACC Tournament. No NCAA Tournament. No NIT. One glance at any social media feed was all that was needed to feel the wrath of the student population. Social media was thrust into a frenzy. Yik Yak in particular erupted with messages expressing dismay at a wasted freshman year, a “ruined college experience.” Ah, the old “college experience.” Yes, basketball is undoubtedly one of Syracuse’s defining characteristics. When you mention Syracuse University to someone, three...

Looking Cool, Staying Warm: 5 Key Skills for Layering


The key to being fashionable while still protecting yourself from hypothermia in Syracuse weather is LAYERING. Throughout any given day, you will encounter blustering winds, snow, rain, sunshine, hot classrooms and everything inbetween. Being comfortable in each scenario is important, but tricky to master. Here are the top 5 ingredients to looking cool while staying warm. 1. WEAR A T-SHIRT You might think I’m nuts, but I promise you’ll be happier with the base layer of a short sleeve t-shirt. It may be hard to bring yourself to put it on in the morning while watching snow fall outside your window, but you will be so glad you did. Some of the buildings or classrooms have the heat blasting, and it is easy to find yourself sweating...

Development of Joseph Key for Longterm Success

Carleton v Syracuse

It has been an interesting season for Jim Boeheim and his Syracuse Orange. Midway through their 2014-2015 campaign, the team (14-7, 5-3) is still searching for an identity that will carry them deep into March. Versatile guard play has been a strong suit for the Orange in years past. Yet, this season, a backcourt featuring the likes of Michael Gbenije and freshman point guard Kaleb Joseph has struggled to contribute on a consistent basis, shying away from big moments far more than the ardent fan would prefer. Add in the recent season-ending injury to big man Chris McCullough and the loss of backup center DaJuan Coleman, who is still recovering from knee surgery. This makes for a very thin Syracuse frontcourt that isn’t exactly the...

10 Thoughts Every Girl Had During Rush

(Photo: Staci Downing)

1. SO…MUCH…ESTROGEN 2. Is it normal that we just had an entire conversation about food?  3. Why does everyone keep telling me to “Trust the system”, like what does that even mean?” 4. To take the drink or to not take the drink? 5. How dare they not invite me back to my number one house 6. I feel like I’m in a Barbie dream house right now, these houses are SO perfect. 7. It’s day four, how are they STILL singing? 8. Can I successfully take off my sweatpants and change into heels without flashing the entire world and/or fall down the driveway? 9. CAN IT BE BID DAY ALREADY?! THE ANXIETY IS KILLING ME SLOWLY. 10. Can’t wait to take a picture with my letters, finally.

How to Have Fun While Staying Dry

No alcoholic beverages

You survived twelve-hour days of no electronics, girl flirting, and strict silence in Panasci.  You waited the agonizing week between rounds to find out if you still got to visit your top houses, and you finally found your home-away-from-home on Bid Night amongst of sea of screaming, ecstatic girls. But your ticket into Greek life isn’t going to come that easily. Now, the real test begins; as part of the New Member period, all new members must abide by the Panhellenic Council’s dry pledging rule.  This, in short, means no DJ’s, frat parties, or turning up of any kind for a solid six weeks. And while you may forget what it’s like to have fun on the weekends without your friends Jack or Captain Morgan, Syracuse actually offers...

10 Songs to Help You Get You Through Your Week


I am sure that for most of us, our first spring semester is off to a pretty slow (and, at times, overwhelming) start. We basically just sat around doing nothing for an entire month, and now we must attempt to remember how to “college” again. We’ve all been having those moments throughout week when we feel like we just can’t go on, so here is a playlist to get us through the rough patches… Autoinjector – Morning Parade For those Monday mornings when getting yourself out of bed seems like an impossible task. This song will get you up, dancing, and awake (with the aid of some caffeine, probably). Irresistible – Fall Out Boy When you are halfway through the day and dragging your feet to your third class, pop in your...

Why We Missed ‘Cuse So Much Over Winter Break


nos·tal·gia /näˈstaljə,nəˈstaljə/ noun: a longing or overwhelming desire for past experiences stumbling down Marshall Street at 2 in the morning with a buffalo chicken calzone in your hands, or the general happiness associated with being on Syracuse campus. …Okay, so the definition may have been tweaked a bit, but you understand why. Remember the end of the dreaded Finals Week? There was overwhelming excitement about heading home for a long period of time. We longed for a month sans shower shoes, sleeping in an unpleasantly squeaky twin bed, and eating unvaried dining hall food. Basically, the expectation of winter break was all positive. But, once the “will you tell me ALL about your first semester of college?” themed...

Courtnee Futch: A Freshman Success Story


Chocolate Thunder. That was senior communication and rhetorical studies major Courtnee Futch’s nickname before arriving at Syracuse University. And that’s also the inspiration behind her business’ name, Thundercakes. Futch reminisces, laughing, “Who am I? I’m Thunder. What do I do? I bake cakes.” Thundercakes is a remote-location bakery, as founder Futch describes it, which bakes made-to-order, custom cakes. “Essentially what we do is deliver,” she explains. Customers place their orders a few days in advance, give a delivery date, time and place, and Thundercakes delivers their order to them. Imagine, fellow freshmen, owning a business. While you are taking classes. While you are writing essays and doing projects and...

7 Remedies for Winter Break Boredom


First semester has come and gone and now we can officially say we have the hang of the whole college thing. The Thanksgiving break provided us with a much needed food coma coupled with overexcitement to finally be able to hang out with our high school friends again. On returning to ‘Cuse, we lived through hell as we tackled our first Finals Week, and (most of us) left school feeling accomplished and ready for some much needed R & R. Back home again for winter break, we realized how truly awesome Syracuse is, even amidst a two week stretch of all-nighters and endless hours spent in Bird.  Boredom took over as we realized our friends from home are still as annoying as they were senior year and as we refrained from screaming every time...

6 Questions We Don’t Want To Answer Over the Holidays


We all need a break from school; that is a given. BUT, do we really need to field a million questions from nosey relatives about our new lives at Syracuse? These are the 6 questions we really don’t feel like answering over break. 1. Are you going to get all As? *your relatives ask expectantly* I don’t know if you know this, but college is freaking hard. Just because we have computers now and don’t have to handwrite our papers or read actual books from the library doesn’t mean that our lives are any easier than yours were at our age. ALSO: Even if we got all As in highschool, that does not mean that we can do the same in college. A 4.0 is not as attainable anymore. Do you understand that I would have to get all A+s to get a 4.0...