Grocery Shopping

(Photo: Allie Wahl)

Dear Freshmen, Everyone told us that dining hall food would get old in no time, but if you were like me, the number of options for the first few weeks entranced you. I can’t even count how many times I asked myself, how could I ever get tired of all this? Well, it happened, and it happened much faster than I thought it would. By the beginning of September, I was over the pasta and pizza and just about everything else. Luckily, my mini fridge was stocked full of frozen foods, and I had plenty of easy mac and goldfish stored in tubs under my bed. Unfortunately, by the end of September, I had one plastic cup of applesauce to my name. It was time to go grocery shopping. Luckily, I had a few options! I could shop in one of the residence hall...

Single and Ready to Mingle?

(Photo: Lilly Stuecklen)

Dear Freshmen, In this first semester of college, I’ve met a lot of people who are single and happy, desperately looking for a relationship, or just having fun hooking up. One isn’t any better or worse than the other, but it seems as though being in a committed relationship holds less value in a college setting nevertheless. At parties, it can be difficult avoiding guys who are invading your personal space, and it can make you feel uneasy. When I tell them that I have a boyfriend, in hopes of turning them away, they usually respond with “But is he here now?” The lack of respect some people have for committed relationships, male or female, can be discouraging to a freshman experiencing his or her first time away from their...

Fall Dorm Necessities

(Photo: Dina Ben-Nissan)

Dear Freshmen, This past summer, you and your parents made a list of things you would need to survive your first semester in college. However, summer is fleeting and the cool fall breeze is approaching. After speaking with some experienced upperclassmen, I have come up with a list of must have dorm necessities for this fall season. Granola Bars: It is getting colder, and you are getting lazier. You may be tempted to skip the gym and snuggle under your sheets. While you are at it, you might munch on some junk food while watching your favorite shows on Netflix. However, no matter the weather, the freshman 15 is still a threat. Stock up on granola bars. Not only are they cheaper than Insomnia cookies, they are also healthier! Zip lock bags:...

Going Out and Staying Safe

(Photo: Dina Ben-Nissan)

Dear Freshmen, The age old saying “there is safety in numbers” has held true multiple times during my time here at Syracuse. Ladies and gentlemen, I am talking about the beautiful thing known as the buddy system. Whether you are in a group of ten or a group of two, I can promise you it is better than being by yourself. Now, as a Freshman, I know that before I go out with people, we should establish a basic set of rules and regulations. For the most part it goes like this: “Okay so we’re all going to try to stay together, but at the very least stay with one other person at all times. If you meet a cute guy, don’t leave without telling someone. Ask another person just to make sure they’re cute in the first place. Also, always...

Finding the One

(Photo: Madeleine Buckley)

Dear Freshmen, Winter is on its way, and if time keeps flying by like it has been, Rush Week will come before you know it! If you’re like me, you’re already thinking about what sorority or fraternity you want to join. I will admit that the amount of options regarding Greek Life can be super overwhelming. There are seventy-one sororities and fraternities altogether! Lucky for us, we have plenty of time to weed through our choices. You might be thinking, how am I going to pick one? How do I know which one I will like the best? Well take a deep breath. I have some tips that will calm your nerves. Personally, I began by conducting some research. Visit the websites of some fraternities or sororities. Browse and see what they are all about...

The Freshman Ego

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Dear Freshmen, Your freshman year of college is a fresh start; who you were in high school no longer matters. Now, depending on who you were throughout those four years, this new beginning could be a good or a bad thing. For those of us who were big fish in a small pond, like myself, letting go of our freshman ego can be difficult. Long gone are the glory days – the time when we were at the top of the metaphorical food chain. Senior year of high school is over folks, and we’re at the bottom once again, especially physically. The gym is one of the most important places on campus to relinquish your freshman ego. Going into the gym with a big head and a cocky attitude won’t help you; it may actually hurt you. For example, we’ve...

Roommates and Relationships

(Photo: Dina Ben-Nissan)

Dear Freshmen, Living with another person can be tricky at times. As a freshman, I considered the experience to be terrifying. Throughout high school, I heard dozens of horror stories about roommates.  I heard about the messy roommate, the unfriendly roommate, the party non-stop roommate; the list went on and on. Yet, everyone knows that the worst type of roommate is the one who brings a guy or girl back to the dorm every other weekend. I’m sure my future roommate at the time heard similar stories. Much to her relief, she soon discovered that I would not be that kind of roommate. However, she wasn’t completely off the hook. Though I am in a long distance relationship, my boyfriend is very much part of my day-to-day life. During our...

Adjusting to the Color Orange

(Photo: Jennifer Castro)

Dear Freshmen, Welcome to the campus where orange is not only a color, but a lifestyle. In order to properly embrace this Syracuse culture, you must dress to impress in all of the Syracuse apparel this campus has to offer. For many freshmen, adjusting to the color can be a struggle. For some, it may not compliment their complexion. Others prefer to wear a darker palette. Regardless, we are all now part of this big happy ‘Cuse family, and we have to wear our school spirit loud and proud. Now, how can you “bleed orange” head-to-toe as a freshman on a budget you ask? I was wondering the same thing. First off, stay away from the bookstore full priced items. This past week, I went on an adventure down Marshall Street to find my readers...

Oprah Obsession

(Photo: Samantha Kandell)

Oprah isn’t just a media phenomenon. She’s an icon. So when freshmen found out the one and only Oprah Winfrey was to make an appearance at our new home, we marked our calendars, set reminders on our phones, and made sure that come September 10, we would get one of those coveted tickets. Not to mention, they were free. Think of it. The only thing you had to do to be in the same room and breathe the same air as an iconic billionaire was to stand in a line at Schine on a Wednesday morning. Oprah Winfrey has done it all. Literally. She had her own talk show, the most successful talk show in history by the way. She acted in various movies, such as The Color Purple and The Butler. She publishes O, The Oprah Magazine. She created

First Night Out

(Photo: Alexis Watson)

Dear Freshmen, My very first night at the #1 party school in America was uneventful. I was too afraid to make friends, but it got better. The following night, a girl on my floor asked if I wanted to go to a frat party. She knew an upperclassman who could get us in. Super excited about the prospect, I agreed in a heartbeat. I blasted some pump up music and fretted over what shirt to wear. Then, I wondered, should I wear heels? Should I curl my hair? Is it acceptable to wear lipstick? If you haven’t noticed already, this campus consists of a lot of hills. Ditch the heels. Do not bother curling your hair because by the end of the night, it WILL get frizzy. As for lipstick, it depends on the night. Once I was satisfied with my appearance, I...